Anuradha Roy

About the Festival Director Anuradha Roy, did M.A (Sanskrit) from Jadavpur Uni- versity and M.A (Dance) from Rabindra Bharati Univer- sity and also a deegree in Baharatanatyam from Telugu University (A.P.). At present she is pursuing Ph.d in Rabindra Bharati University. Presently associated with Prof. Dipak Ghosh, Emeritus Professor, Sir C.V. Raman Centre for Physics and Music, Jadavpur University in connection with her research pursuit, more precisely experimentation for neurocognitive and quantitative assessment of emotion elicited dance. In global scenario this topic deserves special importance from the standpoint of neurocognition of dance.

Anuradha Roy, a versatile classical dancer in Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi also possess potential in academic and scholarly activities. She has started research work in dance on a novel and frontier subject namely "Assessment of Human response of Dance in neuroaesthetes and neuro-cognitive perspective applica- tion in Dance Therapy". She was trained by eminent Guru Swagata Dam and then widely respected Guru Thankamani Kutty & Guru Anita Mallick in Bharatanatyam, she has also undergone extensive training from Guru Vijaya Varalaxmi Banerjee in Kuchipudi.

Anuradha Roy has established an institute Sri Hamsava- hini Kalalayam, (W.B. Govt. Registered Society) where training and research on Indian Classical Dance are hap- pening by under sole supervision of Anuradha herself. Her recent research work is focused on 'time percep- tion' in dance which is regarded as a significant academic remittances in the domain of music and mind internationally. She also presented couple of research papers in the international conference FRSM (Frontiers of Research in Speech and Music.

Profile of Achievement

Participated in Culture Exchange Programme and Dance Festival in China & Singapore (organized by Govt. of India), Vietnam & Maldives (I.C.C.R.), Bangladesh and Nepal.
Performed in Dance Festival at Sangeet Natak Academy & I.C.C.R (Delhi ; Kolkata).
Performed Uday Sankar Dance Festeval (W.B State music Academy). Kalinga Balijatra Festival (Organised by Govt. of Odisha), Kalahandi Utsav, Ghumura Balangir Lok Utsav, National Dhanuyatra Mahotsav, Nimapuram & Barabati dance Festival, Dance Festival at I.W.C.F. New Delhi, Ekamra Dance Festival, ISKCON Temple in Brindaban, Gaudiya Mission Kolkata (Organized by E.Z.C.C.), Konark Festival (Odisha), Monjir Dance Festival at Tripura, festival in Mallay Swarry Durga Temple at (A.P.), Stars of tomorrow & Kabipakha (WB), Vivek Utsab (N.Y.K.S).
Gita Sandesh Bharat Yatra N.I.F.A. (organized by Govt. of Hariyana) at A.P., Chennai, Mangalore, Kerala, Pandichery, Goa, Maharastra etc.
Performed in Prativa Utsav organized by E.Z.C.C. (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India).Performed Classical Dance in North East Youth Festive (N.Y.K.S) at Nagaland.
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